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Wedding Insurance FAQ's


The following commonly asked questions


Will our honeymoon be covered?

No, unfortunately not. You will need Travel Insurance to cover you.

One of us are is in the armed forces and has been posted overseas. Are we still covered?

Yes, the unforeseen posting overseas of a serving member of the British Armed Forces or the unavoidable and unforeseen call to duty by a member of the ambulance service, coast guard, fire brigade or police service will be covered.

Am I able to cancel our wedding insurance?

You have up to fourteen days from the date you purchased your insurance to cancel your cover and get a full refund as long as you haven't made a claim and your wedding hasn't already taken place.

Does the policy also cover our honeymoon abroad?

Unfortunately this policy only covers the wedding and wedding reception. You can cover your honeymoon by purchasing travel insurance.

How soon do I need to take out wedding insurance?

You should take out wedding insurance as soon as you have paid for any part of the wedding. This will help to ensure any deposits you make will be covered.

Are Civil Partnership ceremonies covered?


Can I pay for our wedding insurance in installments?

Sorry, but the whole premium needs to be paid when buying your insurance. We do not charge for credit card (or any other) payments methods.

Are same sex (Gay Weddings) covered?


We are planning a wedding / reception abroad. Are you able to cover us?

Yes, providing it is not a place the UK Government Foreign Office are advising against travel to. Make sure you enter the place your wedding / reception is taking place when booking your insurance. Unfortunately we cannot offer addition marquee, ceremonial sword, or public liability insurance if your wedding / insurance is abroad. Make sure you purchase travel insurance to cover your entire trip.




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