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The majority of couples still choose a traditional wedding car or limousine.  Couples who are looking for something a little different or quirky might opt for a horse drawn carriage, vintage vehicle, classic sports car, double-decker bus, or even a golf buggy!  Why not.

Once all the arrangements are made and settled there is always a remote chance that you could  find yourself out of pocket if the wedding transport provider is unable to keep to their side of the contract.  Perhaps the vehicle they promised is suddenly unavailable or damaged or has mechanical problems.  If they do not have access to another suitable vehicle at short notice you could have a problem, and unexpected and very unwanted expense.


Our policies include cover for Wedding Transport!

Wedding cars tend to get a lot of use - especially during spring which is a popular time for weddings.  If a classic or vintage vehicle is chosen it  may be more prone to a breakdown due to its age.

Check the reputation of the car hire firm you plan to use before you book, and ask them about contingency plans if one of their vehicles should be unavailable at short notice. 

Tip:  It is always a good idea to have a plan B in place - even if it is just Uncle Bertie in his beloved classic car.  


Our Wedding Insurance comes with six levels of cover, from Ivory to Diamond, so you can choose the level of cover to suit your personal requirements and budget.


A Few Other Things to Consider:

Decorations for the Wedding Vehicle(s)
Don't forget to ask questions of the wedding transport provider.  For example: if you would like flowers and/or ribbons on the car check, make sure they can provide this for you. Let them know of any preference for a colour scheme. 

Decide if you would like the wedding car driver to wear a particular outfit or uniform.  If you are using your own vehicles, or decorating the vehicles yourself,  take particular care with securing the decorations and ensure they will not cause visibility problems or safety concerns for the driver or for others on the road.  


Size of the Wedding Vehicle

Ensure that the main vehicle is large enough to comfortably accommodate the bride and her wedding dress.  

Don't Forget...

To check that adequate transportation is available for the bridesmaids - as they are a very important part of your wedding.

Tip: A supply of umbrellas in the wedding vehicles is always a good idea - just in case.   They could be classic brollies, or colour coordinated and as fancy, funny or zany as you wish.

Double check that everyone knows where they are going - provide maps if necessary!   Before the day and on the day, assign someone to check that scheduled road works will not affect or delay your wedding route.  If you have a professional wedding car service they should automatically do this.  


The Bridegroom and his Best Man

Last, but not least, don't forget to check that the Best Man knows what he is doing as, among other important responsibilities, it is his job to ensure that the Groom gets to the wedding venue in good shape and on time! 






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