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Is an Overseas Wedding for You?


Honeymoon BeachDeciding where to have your big day can be a delicate balancing act - especially if you have lots of relatives to keep happy.   Older relatives may not wish to or be able to travel overseas, so this is a consideration for many couples.   A traditional ceremony or civil ceremony close to home and family is probably preferred by the majority of couples, but in our modern world just about anything goes.

If you are not restricted by family travel issues and have always dreamed of  something a little different for your wedding day the possibilities are endless.  Of course with many families scattered across the globe, or in the case of marrying into a family from another country, the arrangements may be very different.   

Here in the UK couples must be prepared to brave the eccentricity of our weather - and be prepared for whatever the elements decide to deliver.  It's no problem if everything is windproof and well-pinned down - and with colour-coordinated brollies at the ready!  The UK weather is probably the main reason that many couples opt for an overseas wedding - usually somewhere warm and tropical - although a fairytale snow-globe wedding is also very romantic.

If you do decide on an overseas wedding it is important to have Wedding Insurance in place, and also to check and double-check the requirements of your chosen country.  It may take several months to sort out the necessary visas and documents so you will need to start planning well in advance.  A good place to start is to check the website of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office:  Follow the helpful step-by-step guide, starting with the country where you plan to get married. 

Don't let this put you off, but as an example: If you decide to get married in certain areas of Spain you may need to provide a 'Certificate of No Impediment' (CNI) as well as a certificate proving your marital status (certificado de estado civil).  If you live with your partner, a certificate of marital status may also be required for a 'pareja de hecho' (cohabitation registration).   Just take it all one step at a time and you'll be fine!
Obviously, it is important to research and respect the country's customs and laws.  Don't  forget to ensure that your guests are aware of the local laws, to avoid any potential embarrassment or problems.  Comprehensive country travel advice is available on the FCO website.  Helpful and important information can also be found on the embassy web site of your chosen destination country.

We suggest that you put together a detailed checklist to make sure that you don't forget anything. 

A few more tips:

  • Check passport expiration dates (and remind your guests to do so)
  • Check if visas are required in your chosen destination country
  • Arrange for needed vaccinations (and remind your guests)
  • Always obtain quotes in writing for any wedding arrangements
  • Purchase Wedding and Honeymoon insurance!
  • Remind your guests to purchase Travel Insurance


With an overseas wedding it is very important to allow plenty of time to make the arrangements.  You also need to consider your wedding guests so that they are able to request time off work and make all the necessary arrangements.  Your wedding would not be complete if your guests were unable to celebrate with you because of a visa problem or something equally boring and entirely preventable!




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